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SIGGRAPH, international conference on computer graphics and interactive technologies was held on 31 July-4August in Los Angeles Convention Center. That was really a great experience for me to face cutting-edge technologies and latest improvements all in one place. The conference was too dense and it was impossible to miss some precious seminers, that were simultaneously presented.

I had the opportunity to present the components we have developed for IntelliCAD, a general purpose 3D drawing application, in IntelliCAD WorldMeeting 2005 – the Netherlands to professional CAD developers from all around the world. The components were picking entities by ray tracing, the raster module, the photo-realistic rendering module, CNC and some other components. The impression was great and thanks to all attenders for listening and interest.

Hanoi Towers

Hanoi Towers-screen shotThis small graphical application will solve you the Tower of Hanoi problem for 31 pieces max, recursively, and at desired speed.

Hanoi Towers-Win32 application (page)
Hanoi Towers-Win32 application (direct link to file)
Hanoi Towers-source


Very simple utility to view a text in various fonts at a glance, printing also supported, with source code.

FontsViewer Application

FontsViewer Source (BCB6.0)



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