Finally I could pack this up and second version is ready.

This is a all-in-one solution for those who are tired or scared of downloading/compiling/fixing SDL and SDL libraries for Pocket PC. I have gathered some handy libraries into a VS2008 solution and all files you need are compiled without any pain. I also provide binaries too. Hope this helps.

Download here MySDL-02

Everything is working, except I have only tried wave files with SDL_mixer. I don’t know if it will play other formats.


  • SDL-1.2.13: SDL library itself.
  • JpegLib: Jpeg support
  • libpng-1.2.34: PNG support
  • SDL_draw: Some basic and fast drawing functions
  • SDL_gfx-2.0.18:  Basic drawing routines such as lines, circles or polygons and SDL_rotozoom
  • SDL_image-1.2.7: BMP GIF PCX PNG TGA XPM support
  • SDL_mixer-1.2.8: Sound support
  • SDL_ttf-2.0.9: TTF support
  • zlib-1.2.3: For libpng

Using Directions:

  1. Copy compiled files from bin\0×501 folder to your application folder
  2. Include lib files from lib\0×501 folder to your project
  3. Include header files from include folder.

Compiling Directions:

  • MySDL has ONLY ONE configuration for platform: Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK (ARMV4I). I choose WM5 because PPC2003 is enough old and WM6 is too new-there are still many devices with WM5. Thus WM5.0 keeps a balance between portability and new technology. I also think that there is no need to use latest WM SDK for a SDL project, as it doesn’t use OS functions, though.
  • To compile the solution, navigate to src folder, open MySDL solution file in VS2008 and build.
  • Project outputs are copied into bin and lib folders in root folder of the project via post build step.
  • Projects:
    • lpng_group: zlib and lpngce projects for PNG support
    • mixer_group: mikmod, native_midi, SDL_mixer and timidy projects.
    • sdl_group: SDLmain and SDL projects
    • JpegLib
    • SDL_draw
    • SDL_gfx
    • SDL_image
    • SDL_ttf
  • All projects’ output folders are set to 0×501, which is version number for WM 5.0. I choose to use this name, because CAB Project has some problems with original long fancy folder names that VS use.

Also see: SDL PocketPC development hints & problems & solutions

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9 Comments to “MySDL-02: All-in-one solution for SDL with Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK (ARMV4I)”  

  1. 1 Ric Hardacre

    Thanks for taking the effort to put this together, the whole point of SDL is to make cross platform dev simple and you’ve redoubled that for those of us who are tarrified of cross compilation!

  2. 2 David

    Good Work!
    Great improvement.

    I am facing quite some trouble with the IMG_Load function though.

    The following piece of code does not work when the application is launched from a mobile-phone’s external storage card.
    (…but works fine when launched from the mobile-phone’s internal memory… strange isn’t it?)

    char sModuleDir[200];
    char sFileName[200];
    WCHAR wsBuf[200];
    SDL_Surface *gSurf=NULL;

    //let’s retrieve the directory…

    char * ptr = strrchr(sModuleDir,’\\’);
    *ptr = ”;

    //…and load the pix..;

    gSurf = IMG_Load(sFileName);

    if(!gSurf) printf(IMG_GetError());

    The error message retrieved is:
    “Couldn’t open \Ma Mémoire\Image.bmp”

    I couldn’t solve this one! The reason doesn’t seem to be trivial.
    I have tried many ways to go around it but with no success.

    Opening the same pix file as a non-formatted binary file using ifstream::open works fine.

    That is really the IMG_Load function that seems not being able to open the file.

    Would you have some idea?



  3. 3 timoo

    its posible to include ogg vorbis in sdl_mixer? btw great work

  4. 4 Emre

    @David: My first bet would be non-English character (é) on the path name. I suggest you to check IMG_Load for unicode support. You may also want to try your application on an English OS to make sure. You can simply use VS emulator.

    @timoo: I have moved to another project now and it’s indefinite when I will switch back. I know that SDL_Mixer support is weak in the package, however I’m putting this on my TODO list. Thanks for suggestion.

  5. 5 changkang

    hi,Did you solve this problem?I encountered the same problem.

  6. 6 changkang

    hi,Divid,Did you solve the problem of “IMG_Load”, I encountered the same problem。

  7. 7 Jayden McKay

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