The answer from Apple on why should I spend more on a Mac doesn’t make sense:

When you compare the cost of a PC and factor in the additional software, memory, and other extras you have to buy to go along with it, the difference in price between a Mac and PC isn’t as great as most people believe.

How does Apple knows, what *I believe* on how great is the difference between a Mac and PC? And belief doesn’t hide the fact that there *is* a great difference.

And because the Mac comes with so many built-in applications that you’ll enjoy using for both work and play (rather than useless freebies you’ll want to uninstall), a Mac makes good financial sense.

I would rather save money by buying only the software that I will need and fits my preferences, rather than so many built-in applications. BTW, why was Microsoft been accused on abusing monopoly power by shipping Internet Explorer along with Windows, while Apple is already doing it for “so many built-in applications”?

Finally, a Mac is built with the most cutting-edge technology by some of the smartest hardware engineers, software developers, and product designers on the planet.

What about “other” some of the smartest people on the planet who works for other companies? Why should we pay more to “your” some of the smartest people, instead of “other” some of the smartest people on the planet?

So you’re getting the latest technological advances and a computer that isn’t in danger of becoming obsolete anytime soon.

I will not argue if there is a danger for Mac of becoming obsolete anytime soon, but PC’s are definitely not in that danger either.

I don’t want this to be another “Mac is over-priced, aargh!” post: I still think that Apple is a great computer that runs, with no problems. However, I wish Apple just said something like “we are pricey, because we have less problems” or “..we look better” or even “..we just thought Mac worth it”, instead of crappy weird arguments.

Bottom line: Most of Mac’s have a Windows virtual machine installed but opposite is not true.

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